my name is natalie, you may know me as gtfonatalie and/or cafe au nat. i'm a web developer and freelancing graphic designer and illustrator . ˚◞♡

&& commission info

• Communcation through email: [email protected]
• By commissioning me you agree to the Terms of Service
• I have the right to decline any commission
• Payment is made with an invoice through PayPal.
• Invoice will not be sent until both parties have agreed on a sketch.
• You can find my commission tracker on my Notion
• Your username: social media handle(s)
• Type of commission:* emotes, badges, other — how many*
•Description and references: include references, descriptions
• Other details: if you intend to use them for commercial use, specific sizes etc.
• Your PayPal email: this is the email i will send the invoice to, make sure it’s correct!

icons & badges

• 1 badge — 25 USD
• 5 (or more) badges — 115 USD ($23/badge)
• recolors and iterative series : if your badge has the same "base" and just changes colour, or have very small changes it's 25 USD for the "base", and 10 USD for each iteration.included: resized versions for twitch (72px, 36px, 18px), along with original res files.


• 1 emote – 35 USD
• 5 (or more) emotes – 165 USD ($33/emote)
included: resized versions for twitch (112px, 56px, 28px), along with original res files.